Close call.

Our daughter1 was in an automobile accident with a drunk driver last night. The female drunk driver ran a stop sign driving a van and plowed into our daughter’s car, tearing the front of the car off.

Our daughter is—luckily and thankfully—okay. The car is totaled. Cars can be replaced, but our daughter cannot be. Things could have tragically been much worse.

1The husbear and I have three children. All genetically his from when he was married in the long ago.

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12 thoughts on “Close call.

  1. @homer:
    I wish more people would. Granted, I’ve been stupid in the past a time or two. But this definitely helps change that.

    Thank you! Me too.

    They did. Hopefully they’ll get everything taken care of and replaced.

    Very much so. And thank you.

    As I mentioned to homer, I have been extremely stupid several times in the past and found myself behind the wheel after a night of heavy drinking. I knew then how stupid and reckless this was, yet I still did it. I hope this will remind me to not let this happen again.

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