Google gives me a Sad

So I was reading my RSS feed today in my desktop browser, when this popped up when I refreshed the page:

What the hell, Google?

This gives me a sad.


I have two different apps I use to read blogs on my iPhone as well that pull their data from Google Reader. Now I have to go find a new RSS reader for both my desktop use, and for reading when I’m on my iPhone.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Until next time...

9 thoughts on “Google gives me a Sad

  1. I cannot tell you how much this SUCKS. While I haven’t used the Google Reader itself in AGES, I have been using the Reeder app both on iOS and OS X, and it depends on the Google feed.

    For all you Mac guys out there, I found a decent alternative. It’s called VIENNA ( All you need to do is follow Google’s instructions to download the contents of your feed and then import the .xml file into VIENNA. It’s a Beta, but it seems to work okay.

  2. I used Vienna for a while then branched out and use NetNewsWire. I use the free version which has a small ad in the bottom left corner but It does the job and I am happy with it.

  3. Google is making a mistake with this one. It’s really disappointing. I’m ramping back on the use of other Google products because of this. Thanks for the heads up on Vienna. I’m going to check it out.

  4. They’ve been giving lots of sad these last few years. I was in the midst of writing an email on my iPad when the view switched over to the new glitzy view for mobile devices. Which I detest. I just want plain text so I can cut and paste when I need to, jeez. In this view you can’t copy some text – it only shows up as a whole block, so I can’t cut out exactly what I need. Dammit. Then I get loads of crap at the other end when I paste. Fuck.

  5. This is exactly why relying on free third-party services makes me nervous. (And even paid third-party services, to a degree.)
    I seem to recall seeing a RSS reader done in PHP a while back. That would at least let me keep my feeds synchronized between my laptop and tablet. It might also solve the annoying need to switch between the Reader app and the Web browser on my tablet.

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