Shout at the devil and other parental stupidities...

I’m driving home from work today with the iPod plugged into the AUX jack on the truck stereo (at a very high volume, I might add). Somehow I ended up on Mötley Crüe’s “Shout At The Devil”. (Yes… I have very diverse music tastes—most people hate my version of shuffle as it goes from heavy metal to bluegrass to ska, etc.)

For some reason I started thinking about how “back in the day” (i.e., when I was younger) parents, churches and politicians were all freaked out about how this was “the Devil's music” (as was much of the heavy metal music of the time, so “they” said).

Fast forward to today. Pick a song on any radio station (except maybe a Christian music station, but even then I wonder). How exactly is today’s music any different? If anything the meanings are far less hidden in the lyrics. Rarely is there an attempt to hide the meaning of what is being said. Do parents, churches and politicians still find issue with the music of today? Are there still record burnings (well, CD-burnings? or maybe mass iPod burnings since the advent of the mp3…)?

Just something to think about…

Until next time...

Devil Inside

Saw this window sticker, and nearly wet myself from laughter:

Devil vs. Fish

I want one.

The sad thing: I’m sure some “Christian” would see it when I was parked in a parking lot and deface either the sticker itself or my vehicle (probably both actually).

It’s “all right” for “them” to express their views/beliefs, but when they see one they disagree with, they go after it. And I'm not just talking bumper stickers here.

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When Bands Play... Naked?

I have no idea who this band is. I am guessing they are an alternative hard rock/punk/metal band—the mates in the picture appear to be wearing black nail polish?—but I can not be for certain.

When bands play naked?

Does the band play the whole set naked like this, or was it just for an encore? I am curious as to who would be in the crowd. I guess they might have a bear following?

Anyone have any details about them?

Until next time...