Limping along

I got the home network mostly back up and running last night/this morning.

I replaced the actual phone line which was toasted by the lightning zap. Then the DSL modem and the router.

I went wireless (wireless N) this time. This way, if/when we get hit by lightning again, at least it will only take out the DSL modem and wireless router and not travel down the length of the network and take out any more computers/devices. I did put a network surge protector in-line before the DSL router. Maybe that will stop a zap or two. Maybe.

The Husbear is happy because the network wires that were traversing down the stairs aren't any more.

I'm using the Husbear's computer at the moment. Mine is still in pieces. I hope I didn't lose my music and porn "collection".... Priorities, I know.

Until next time...

Working offline...

I'll be working offline for a while. Not by choice.

We had a storm yesterday and a bolt of lightning took a swipe at our house.

In doing so, it nailed the phones, the network, my computer, most of the surge protectors and a few other electronic devices that were blown apart--literally.

We are actually quite lucky the house (all old wood from the 1860s) didn't burn. All the network gear was located in the back of the Master closet and some of equipment caught fire. For whatever reason, it extinguished itself before damaging anything else.

So, I'll be blogging from my phone for a while until I get all the phone lines re-run and network replaced.

Until next time...


While I agree the satellite dishes we see stuck to the side of houses and mounted on posts out in the yard are an eyesore (trust me—we have TWO of them stuck to the roof of our house!), I in no way think this is an improvement at all:

You can see the wide arrangement of other "beautifying" stickers available for your satellite dish over at

Their tag-line: "Pimp your satellite dish with a Satellite Dish Sticker!"'

Did some drunk redneck design these? Seriously? It's like painting flowers on the hubcaps of your VW bug.

Although... maybe one of these with a large brown eye or a head-on view of some cock on it might be an interesting addition to the neighborhood.

Until next time...

Goodbye Joni

One of the Husbear and my hair salon receptionists—of roughly 9 years—died this past Thursday. Today [Sunday] was her visitation, and tomorrow [Monday] will be her funeral.

While I don't really spend much time at the hair salon—that's the Husbear's place of work—I did know Joni over the 9 years she has/had been with us. She is/was part of our family.

I tend not to be overly emotional, but it was hard to watch the salon crew grieving. Joni has/had been a part of some of their lives as long as many of them have been doing hair.

Some of us went for food and drinks after the visitation. They were in better spirits sharing their memories of Joni with each other. They will at least always have that.

I just wanted to say goodbye Joni. You'll be missed.

The only picture I could find with Joni and myself. Joni making me laugh, as always.

Until next time...