Let it snow... not!

It's snowing. Go weather! And by "go" I mean as in "go the fuck away!" Where is the warmth? I want my 72 degrees, sunny beach and sexy people wearing next to nothing serving me cold beer. I am not bitter. I just like my weather warm.

And why is it that when the weather changes to something "bad", people start driving in a more stupid fashion? Stupid humans. The ground is still way above freezing; nothing is sticking; the flurries are slight; and yet, people still think they have to drive 5 miles an hour and NOT USE THEIR TURN SIGNALS! To that I am bitter.

I am amused with the fact that people will call work claiming they cannot make it in because of the weather, yet they can sure as hell make it to the video store, grocery market and liquor store.

That is all I have for now. I have to go brave the elements (and idiots) so I can get some liquor.

Until next time...