14 thoughts on “This is a big deal! Liquor is going on the shelves! No more dry county!!!

    1. It wasn't that long a drive to the state line from where I live. Like 6 miles. And I'll probably still make that drive just because the Arkansas tax rate is cheaper by far in Missouri than it is here in Arkansas.

      Any added revenue is always good for the area. ;-)

      And now we can have bars! Oh wait, we had "clubs" and "restaurants" before that served.

  1. There are still dry counties in these illustrious United States? In the 21st century? Amazing.
    Yeah, like Will said, I bet the merchants are dancing for joy.

  2. In New Jersey to buy beer or any sort of liquor one must visit a liquor store or a bar that sells packaged goods. Grocery stores are for... Groceries!

    1. This was in a supercenter. You know, groceries, clothing, etc. I don't know if the regular grocery stores will carry any here. I'm sure the actual liquor stores will start popping up though soon.

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