12 thoughts on “Wandering Around With My Mind

  1. Uh, yeah. I got as far as the “moldy spring house” and already felt so urp-y that I had to shut you down. Next time I wanna go for a walk with you I think I’ll do it in person. Blech!

  2. Pretty area, and the property is looking nice – but the peacocks screaming would drive me nuts – they better be struttin’ an representin’ where I can see, that’s all I say. Still, I’d take that walk every day. Looks really pleasant.

  3. If I print both (actually all 3) words here someone can cheat and copy, so you’ll just have to trust I watched it all. I am jealous of your yard and your relative privacy. Would love to visit some day.

  4. You beat Leopold Bloom by a long shot, and you are much more cute.
    I enjoyed seeing the greenery, which I don’t have around these parts.

    1. I had to Google “Leopold Bloom”. I’ve not heard of him. But I do like the Odyssey. (So much that is what I named the businesses!)

      The greenery is very pretty. You should come to Arkansas and visit the greenery! And me.

  5. Loved seeing this. Thanks for sharing. You don’t seem to have any sort of accent. How can that be?

    1. Because I don’t have one? 😉

      I was raised in Florida. I’m only an Arkansas transplant. So no southern accent for me. Actually, I don’t really think people in Arkansas have accents for the most part.

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