When social networks go “ugh”?

I deleted both my MySpace account and my FaceBook account today. Over the last few months, I have found them to become quite… “high school-ish.” I originally created these accounts so I could find people from my past and visa-versa.

I think the social networking concept is a great one. I like the idea of a network where I can go and search for and easily communicate with my friends and family via message (either post or real-time).

Well, I did until the whole “applications” thing started. The “Pieces of Flair” and the “I just bought you as my pet” things got annoying enough to me that it ruined the concept of what a social network should be to me. It’s all that crap I could do without. As much as I dislike Bear411 (for reasons other than these), I like the fact that I can search for friends and easily communicate with them. Nothing else.

Then there is the web design aspect. FaceBook at least looked uniform (which did stifle self-expression). MySpace, on the other hand, propagates bad web design. Nothing like browsing to a webpage that autoplays some obnoxious song at you. Did people learn nothing from the blink tag era? Granted, most of the people using these sites probably weren’t even around when the blink tag went nuts.

Just my opinion.

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11 thoughts on “When social networks go “ugh”?

  1. great comic, and yea, i’m guilty of the song thing myself (but your really really gonna love my favorite tune! ha. lol).

    i have myspace soley to stay up todate with my favorite bands goings on… i missed a lloyd cole show in town cause i didn’t have his tour notes from myspace.

    other than that reason, i’m right there with you. i’ll keep myspace – but am toning down the “flair”

  2. Ive only been on Facebook a while but Im starting to find it a little annoying too but Ill hang on to it for the moment as a lot of bloggers I speak to are on it so its kinda handy for messaging etc

  3. I left MySpace for all the same reasons, and I will leave Facebook soon as well. Opening Facebook to non-network individuals was bad enough, but the “open platform” was just an excuse for mediocrity.

    Also, you get bonus points for sharing an xkcd comic.

  4. Never “been there,” never “done that.” Never had any desire to. Plus, it’s become the first place potential employers look to dig up dirt and give them a reason NOT to hire you. No thanks, I can do without it just fine.

  5. I’ve never had either, and have never understood the reasons why people have them. I don’t want to connect with people from high school – I didn’t like them then, which is why I live so far away now.

    Every time I’ve gone to a myspace page, I’ve been assaulted by some stupid song. Every. Single. Time.

  6. @Dan:
    Not planning on it… 🙂

    Nothing like having “Dancing Queen” blasting out of your PC speakers when you least expect it… oh wait. 😉

    One of the reason I had the MySpace account was for the tattoo shop. It seems the “youngin’s” of today see that as a form of directory service. I can’t tell you how many of the under 30 crowd have come into the shop because of it.

    As for FaceBook? Well, I have no excuse for it. I just wanted to see what it was about.

  7. Unless you are a musician or artist, there is NO reason to have a myspace or facebook page… if you are over the age of 27.

  8. I got rid of MySpace a long time ago, and on Facebook I have the application notifications disabled so no one can send me the little move challenges or any of that crap. I used to check it multiple times per day but I have gotten to the point where I don’t care any more. I am lucky if I check it once a week out of boredom. Same with my email though, I get so much random crap that for the most part I just right click and mark all as read. If someone wants to get a hold of me they can send me a text message or call me. I just don’t socially care much any more in general.

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