4 thoughts on “11 + 7

  1. is this a totaly new season? I thought Amy and Rory were gone after the last. I do admit, however, I am a bit behind as we don’t have cable and have to wait for the shows on DVD.
    By the way, if you remember the first shows of Season 6, did you find them confusing? I felt I’d missed some pieces as they seemed disjointed. I’m hoping I missed an episode or that everything will get explained as i watch the rest of the shows. To refresh, they were the episodes where the Dr. went back to early 70’s Nixon White House and the creepy kid in the space suit and “the Silence”…

    1. It is a new season. And there is a new companion coming. But I think this is the last trip for Amy and Rory.

      I didn’t find it confusing, actually. I like how it tied up all the threads from the previous season. But my mind tends to work in that sort of scattered way that strangeness makes sense.

      I would definitely recommend sitting down and watching all of season 6 again.

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