12 of 12, September 2017 edition

The 12 of 12 Challenge was created by Chad Darnell and picked up by a number of random bloggers who linked back to him and vice versa. Chad stopped doing the 12 of 12 Challenge in December 2011, but passed the torch to someone who hasn’t kept up with it. I am giving my shout-out to Blobby of Blobby’s Blog as he is the one who initially inspired me to do the Challenge, and he still does it as well.

My 69th “12 of 12”. *giggity*


11:04 AM: I’m becoming less young, apparently.
12:44 PM: Milli up to no good, as always.
2:55 PM: Researching options for the patio television.
4:14 PM: Dinner with this handsome bloke.
4:40 PM: The rear shocks on Meowingtonne. Apparently the bushings are bad.
8:12 PM: Ye ol’ blood pressure cuff.
9:10 PM: Luna is tuckered out from a full day playing in the yard.
9:48 PM: Always with the laundry. Always.
10:18 PM: The patio, cleaned.
11:00 PM: She’s still worn out. And decided to pull the stuffing out of her bed.
11:24 PM: The evening medications.
11:26 PM: Yours truly.

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