12 of 12, June 2012

My sixth “12 of 12”. I almost forgot that it was the 12th, even though I had a reminder set. So I got a little late start. Actually, I didn’t get out of bed until sometime around 10:30 or so, so it wasn’t really that late a start anyway.

All pictures were taken with my iPhone 3GS. Click the images to enlarge, if you want a scare!

Created by Chad Darnell and picked up from a number of random bloggers who then link back to him and vice versa. Chad stopped doing the 12 of 12 links in December of 2011, so I linked to Blobby’s Blog as Blobby is the one who inspired me to do it. And someone should get some credit.

12:27 PM: Time for a drive. A drive to the store. And apparently time to clean my dash as well.
1:40 PM: Groceries. And electronics. And stuff.
3:50 PM: The Husbear now has a television. In the upstairs bathroom. Now he'll be in there for hours.
4:25 PM: My own personal garden gnome.
4:52 PM: Testing out the new DVR. Because I'll have to explain to the Husbear how to use it.
5:03 PM: Regardless of what the label says, it does NOT taste like peanut butter. And then there's the not-so-wow aftertaste.
5:34 PM: Overhead kitteh!
6:23 PM: µ is not enjoying this bath experience.

Here’s a video of µ getting a bath. She is not amused.

7:50 PM: The Husbear asking me how far away Yellowstone is. It is a long way away.
8:58 PM: The horse-pill of an antibiotic I'm taking to help me get over whatever the heck it is I've got.
10:25 PM: The Husbear "sampling" the banana split he brought me.
11:33 PM: Looking up under the pergola. Because I needed to go outside to urinate.

Until next time...

12 thoughts on “12 of 12, June 2012

    1. I’m possessed. 😉

      We started noticing a few fleas in the house. Always a problem since we live out in the country. So during the summer months, the kittehs get a bath every weekend in an effort to help cut down on them getting fleas and to help break the flea cycle.

  1. So glad that you’re restored enough to good health to be up & about!

    #4 > woo-hoo to your personal garden gnome, seeing the glories of the chest of whom is so very exciting if you know what I mean

    #7 > a dude wearing eyeglasses is always a wow

    #12 > why not in the bathroom?

    off topic > one of your readers/followers is Max (Max Journals). I need his e-mail address. Do you perchance know it?

  2. I completely forgot about 12 on 12…AGAIN. And yes, I have a reminder on my calendar too. Oh well…next month.

    And yes, Yellowstone is a LONG way from you, but it’s well worth the trip. Remember I drove there from AZ those many years ago.

    And if we don’t get down your way first, you two better plan a detour through Denver!

    1. Maybe I need to set a reminder to remind you to pay attention to your reminder?

      I was a wee lad the last time I was at Yellowstone. But the Husbear and I have decided for our anniversary we’re just going to get in the car and go for a long, long drive. We were originally going to head south to the Gulf Coast, but we’ll be doing that on our way to NOLA for Decadence in August/September. So he thought Yellowstone. We’re still discussing where we’ll go now.

      And speaking of Denver…. We’ll be driving out to Vegas in October. Our oldest daughter is getting married by Elvis there. And since we’re road trippin’…..

  3. your garden gnome is sexy..love the furry belly
    Why ever did you buy fake peanut butter to begin with?
    Overhead Kitteh…is amazing…
    Bath time kitteh…the face says it all.
    why are you urinating outside?

    1. a) The garden gnome has his moments… 😉
      b) I think I’m having issues with peanuts, so I’m looking for alternatives.
      c) She, like the garden gnome, has her moments.
      e) See explanation of picture taken at 3:50 PM.

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