Monthly Archives: October 2008

What to do… what to do?

It would seem from my last post that most readers like the full beard, the tailback and the mustache/goatee combo. So, I’ll let the facial hair start growing.

But I know I can’t be the only one who always seems to have this conversation?

Person 1: What do you want to do?
Person 2: I dunno… what do you wanna do?

Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

Sometimes I mentally suggest “fuck” to some when asked, although it is apparent that I don’t have the power of mind control.

I would say it out loud, but I don’t think some of my straight friends would know what to do with it.

(And I probably wouldn’t know what to do if they did say “yes”.)

Image totally stolen from Shirley Heezgay!.

Until next time...

Patterns in hair…

Well, one pattern in particular. I can’t decide what to do with my facial hair. It’s always changing, mostly because I get bored and start playing with it. Then it usually ends up looking like something I regret for a while until it grows back. Rinse, lather, repeat.

Full Beard:

Extended goatee / tailback:

Goatee and Mustache / Van Dyke / candado:


Soul patch / imperial / mouche:

What say you, the reader who has to look at my mug on occasion when I post a picture of myself on here?

Until next time...

Back to normal…

… but what is “normal”?

The Husbear and I wandered over to Oklahoma City this weekend. He mainly wanted to go for “fun”. I managed to talk him to taking a break from said “fun” and head over to Myriad Botanical Gardens and Crystal Bridge Tropical Conservatory. We had been there four years ago with some friends (who moved away and that we miss dearly!) and I wanted to go back and see it again.

There were some gorgeous plants on display from several different climatic zones.

This one looks like a bunch of cocks with extremely decorative cock rings:

And then there was this surprising find:

I won’t bore you with all 147 pictures here, but if you want to take a look, you are more than welcome to over at my flickr set.

Now the Husbear wants to build our own “Tropical Conservatory”… *sigh*. I guess I’ll add that to the next giant project list I’ll get wrangled into “assisting” with.

Until next time...