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Happy Birthday to my Husbear

Today, May 4, is the Husbear’s birthday.

The Husbear and our son before his Senior prom. (click to embiggen)

If you would be so kind, leave the Husbear some birthday love in the comments!

To my Husbear: I love you very much… and Happy Birthday.

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I often neglect to do some of the “little things” that are important—such as plan any event for the celebration of the Husbear’s birthday. Or our anniversary. Or anything else. Maybe one of these days I’ll make it right.

Until next time...

Wal-Mart CEO Signed Anti-Gay Petition

Taken from Joe.My.God:

Know Thy Neighbor is reporting that Wal-Mart CEO Mike Duke is among the 80,000 Arkansas residents that signed a petition to ban adoption for same-sex couples. His wife signed also.

Mike Duke of 16 Pinnacle Drive, Rogers, Arkansas with the birthdate of 12/07/49 appears on a petition sheet for the Anti-Gay Arkansas Adoption and Foster Ban or Act 1. The actual petition sheet may be viewed here and on where one may find the alleged signature of Mr. Duke and the check mark put on by the State of Arkansas indicating that this name was verified and counted for the advancement and ultimate success of the anti-gay legislation in Arkansas in 2008 otherwise known as Act 1.

I think this helps cement my decision that the company I work for, as represented by it’s executives, does not “Respect the Individual” nor do they actually care about the advancement of any gay “equality”.

Hey P.R.I.D.E. group… are you listening?

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