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Happy 2010!

That’s “Twenty Ten”. Not “Two Thousand and Ten”. Not “Two Thousand Ten”. It’s shorter. It’s easier to say.

I wonder if 2010 will be the year we make contact? Maybe aliens from other worlds can settle this whole religion thing once and for all. Imagine all the hate and war that would no longer be justified because of the excuse “deity] said”. That would allow people to be shown as the true bigots they are naturally. Not that would stop the hate or war. I’m such an optimist.

It’s just another day. Like the one before. And the one before. About the only difference is that I have to quit writing 2009 and start forcing myself to write 2010. Again, I’m such an optimist.

I really don’t have any rituals for this time of year. One would think that after 36 years on the planet, I would at least do something special on some occasion. I guess that’s what happens when one tends to be contrary. I think the Husbear is itching to do something, but he hasn’t presented me with any plans up to this point.

Since Homer does a year-end portrait, I thought I would do that as well. Seems like a good thing to refer back to over time.

Me, in my hoity-toity t-shirt that needs to be retired.

I personally think Homer looks much more debonair.

Oh, and a Happy New Year to you.

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My Brain Finds Curiousness Everywhere.

I noticed something today. Quite by accident. Yet it strikes me as extremely odd.

I was browsing a folder of images, in thumbnail view. There were two famous artworks side-by-side. And they both looked remarkably similar to me for some reason:
The Starry Night and The Great Wave

The Starry Night (1889) by Vincent van Gogh, and The Great Wave off Kanagawa (c. 1829–32) by Katsushika Hokusai.

The artwork is obviously not the same. Far from it. It’s the flow of both that I find unusually similar:
The Starry Night and The Great Wave, a comparison

I did a red overlay of what my brain sees in case your brain doesn’t work like mine does.

Or maybe it’s just me.


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How do I get a picture icon of myself when I comment?

Someone asked me:

I notice that when some people comment on your blog (and other blogs) there is a picture icon of them, instead of some generic little icon. How do I get a picture icon of myself when I comment?


That picture icon is called a “gravatar”: a Globally Recognized Avatar. If you go to, you can register yourself, upload a picture, and associate it with your email address(es) that you use.

Then when you comment on a site that supports gravatars (which seems to be most these days), it will automatically load that picture of you when you comment.

This is my current gravatar:

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