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Evil Xmas Kittehs?

Last year, when the kittehs µ and m were much, much smaller and still in “kitten” form, the Husbear thought it was cute when they were up in the Xmas tree. Okay, I did as well.

Fast-forward a year. The Xmas tree has been up for all of 4 days. And it looks like someone took an axe to it.

Mind you, most of the time I wouldn’t mind personally taking an axe to all the holiday decorations out there. But that’s a different story.

The kittehs are much, much bigger, and no longer in kitten form. And the Husbear no longer finds it cute now that they’ve torn all the ornaments from the tree, gone swinging from the ribbons, and flattened all the branches.

I know it’s not their fault. They’re only doing what they would be doing in nature. Well, as naturally as one would expect if one were to find a decorated Xmas tree out in nature.

But… this tree-fragging of theirs doesn’t make for a pleasant living experience for anyone involved.

I thought maybe perimeter fencing and shock collars might do the trick, but the Husbear didn’t seem to think that was a good idea. All I know is his squirt bottle method of deterrence hasn’t worked.

For those of you with indoor kittehs, how do you keep them out of your Xmas tree? Or have you given up and just don’t have nice things?

Until next time...