Monthly Archives: January 2011

Title Weirdness

I didn’t really notice until today, but the title of my blog had changed from “gambrinous with griffonage” to “erik rubright”. That probably happened when I changed from my original handcrafted creation to this theme that I heavily bastardized. Who knows. Actually, I might have noticed at some point but it didn’t really “click” until today. So I corrected that. Hopefully I didn’t confuse anyone. At least any more than normal.

I don’t have anything against using my name as my blog title, but it doesn’t sound as confusing as “gambrinous with griffonage”. And I like to be confused.

Until next time...

Let’s Just Get Naked

My blogging skills seem to have disappeared this month. I haven’t felt very sociable, and as a result haven’t felt like sharing anything either. Aside maybe from my drunk tweets on Mondays, but alcohol has that affect on me.

That said, I give you another installment of “Random Music I Love… and why I love it.”

Most of you might remember Joan Osborne because of “One of Us“. That song actually caused me to pick up her album Relish back in 1995. There are so many incredible songs on that album. I love her voice. And I love the bluesy-rocky feel of her music.

One of my favorites is the song “Let’s Just Get Naked”.

(Lyrics here.)

Maybe we should all get naked.

Just for a laugh.

Until next time...