Monthly Archives: May 2011

Stop: Florida Time!

Mentally I just realized that in a week I’ll be in Florida. I’m glad I remembered to pre-mark that time off in my appointment book.

This year, the Husbear and I will be driving the 1138 miles from Pea Ridge to Orlando. Mostly because it’s way cheaper than flying thanks to the fuel-efficiency of the Prius. Mostly. Plus we get to sight-see along the way. And we’ll be picking up some friends half-way along the journey in Birmingham for a shared ride.

This will be our sixth trip to Florida for Gay Days. The Husbear We actually go mostly for the Tidal Wave Party at Wet ‘n Wild on Friday, and the “goings-on” that occur at the Parliament House all weekend, but usually manage to make it to Disney World on Saturday. But actually it’s a time to hang out with friends we don’t get to see but a few times a year.

Of course there will be no living with the Husbear for the next week as the date draws closer. He’s like a kid who’s been told he’s going to Disney World. Oh, wait….

click to see it bigger on flickr

I guess this also means I need to make some sort of effort to visit the parental units and the siblings while I’m there, since they all live in the Orlando area. Not that they ever come see me in Arkansas….

Until next time...