Monthly Archives: August 2013


It’s Sunday! The first day of a little vacation.

Our buddy Dwayne arrived at the house bright and early at 8 this morning. Hey, 8am is early to me! The Husbear and I packed up our stuff into his Jeep Wrangler (named “Radar”) and headed over to pick up our buddy Mike at his house.

We were on the road headed south by 9, with me at the wheel of Radar.

We arrived in Mobile, Alabama and secured a hotel at around 9:30pm.

673 miles…

Tomorrow we plan on getting up and heading over to the battleship for a tour, then head east along the coastline until we find a nice beach to lounge upon.

It’s odd. To be here. And on this date. Because one year ago today, the Husbear and I were just getting settled into a different hotel here in Mobile. Only to be awakened in a few hours with a telephone call from Dwayne telling us Tory had died.

It’s been a… challenging… year since then to say the least. I still can’t imagine being in Dwayne’s shoes. But I’m glad we are here. Tonight. Together. Our group. Our family: Dwayne, the Husbear, Mike, and myself.

Until next time...