30 Day Challenge, Day 09 — A photo you took

My ninth entry in this “30 Day Challenge” is a photo that I took.

Since I take lots of pictures, I picked three that I took in the last 5 months that I thought were mentally interesting.

This one was taken with my iPhone at a friend’s house. He was hosting a birthday party for his partner. As this was the first time visiting his house, he was giving me a tour. This is what I saw on his back deck. I thought it was interesting.

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This is m (milli), the Husbear’s kitteh. She likes to look out the window. I saw her sitting there and wondered what she was thinking.

Looking Out.
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We had a snow on Christmas Day. There is an old bench that was on the property when we bought the house. I move it to different spots throughout the year. I applied a filter to this image to get this look.

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Here’s my flickr photostream if you want to see more photos I’ve taken.

Until next time...

4 thoughts on “30 Day Challenge, Day 09 — A photo you took

  1. nice pics. I love the kitty. My 2 cats (brother and sister) love to look out the window. The male cat will “talk” if he sees a bird or squirrel.

    1. Both of ours are (sisters) talk a lot, but this one more than the other. I thought maybe she was just a little “off” for a while, but she seems to have calmed down finally.

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