50 Days of Doctor Who until the 50th Anniversary!

If you follow the Doctor Who Official tumblr over on, well, tumblr, you would see that there is a new meme going around. Prepping for the 50th anniversary episode on November 23rd!

I think if I dragged this meme out for the next 50 days, I’d probably lose the last couple of you who actually read my blog.

So instead, I think I’ll just break it up in chunks.

And with that warning, here’s the first chunk!

October 04: Who was your first Doctor?
The Fourth Doctor, played by Tom Baker.

The Fourth Doctor
The Fourth Doctor

He was my Doctor growing up. He was the Doctor who I first saw on PBS when I watched Doctor Who as a kid.

October 05: Who is your favorite Companion?
Both Sarah Jane Smith (who traveled with the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Tenth and Eleventh Doctors!) and Clara Oswald.

Sarah Jane Smith
Sarah Jane Smith
Clara Oswald
Clara Oswald

October 06: Which cast/crew member has the best twitter?
I don’t follow any of the DW cast or crew on twitter. Actually, I don’t use twitter anymore, even though my account still exists.

October 07: Favorite episode?
Do you know how difficult it is to pick out one favorite episode out of 798 individual episodes, including one television movie of Doctor Who, encompassing 239 stories?

I think one of my favorite is entitle “Blink“, which barely has the Tenth Doctor in it. But I love the story line and the concept. And it introduced one of the creepiest monsters, the Weeping Angels. I’ll be danged if I can’t look at a stone statue the same since that episode.

Weeping Angel
Weeping Angel

I TOTALLY recommend that episode as a starter to see if someone might like Doctor Who. If their mind is blown with that episode, they’ll love the series.

Here is the teaser trailer for “Blink” on YouTube.

October 08: Name an episode that made lol.
Many episodes make me laugh. Not necessarily the entire episode, but dialog from most. As for just one in particular that I find extremely humorous? There’s a mini-episode called “Time Crash” where the Fifth and Tenth Doctor meet, which contains a lot of banter back and forth that makes me chuckle pretty much all the way through.

Five and Ten
Five and Ten

You can watch “Time Crash” on YouTube. You know you want to. Because I said.

Until next time...

6 thoughts on “50 Days of Doctor Who until the 50th Anniversary!

  1. OK that does it. I am going to watch some. And if no one sees me ever again because I have fallen into the TV screen it’s your fault !!!!

  2. BTW – I posted a ‘i’m going to try this / wish me luck!” entry and (so far) NO ONE has been encouraging. Send guidance. Send a TARDIS too.

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