A really crappy job.

I replaced my first toilet yesterday. Well, not my “first” toilet, but I changed out a toilet for the first time.

It was a crappy experience. Pun intended. (You knew that was coming, didn’t you?)

The upstairs toilet gave up the ghost. Not so much that it was fully broken, it was just no longer fully operational. Which is a bad thing when that’s currently your only working toilet in the house.

The old, broken, busted-ass toilet.
The old, broken, busted-ass toilet.

So it had to go.

The Husbear had been eyeing some environmentally friendly toilet he had been seeing at Sam’s Club for the last year, so we stopped in and purchased it. I think that’s the strangest item I’ve purchased there. So far.

The new toilet. In a box.
The new toilet. In a box.

And then the fun began.

I went to unscrew the toilet, but the washers and bolts holding it place had corroded to nothing. So I pulled the old toilet up, with the wax ring remaining on the closet flange. With some… “stuff”.

I should have probably called a Hazmat team in...
I should have probably called a Hazmat team in…

I had to scrape off the old wax ring by hand. I had gloves on. Although one of the gloves tore mid scraping. Gross! I lost count of how many times I washed and sanitized my hands during this process.

Cleaned up. Mostly.
Cleaned up. Mostly.

I installed new closet bolts, a new wax ring, and then I set the new toilet in place.

New toilet installed. And with no leaks! (So far...)
New toilet installed. And with no leaks! (So far…)

It was actually easier than I expected. A first!

Confusing options...
Confusing options…

Now which button to I press for number one?

And it feels “different”. It will take me a bit to get used to it.

Until next time...

10 thoughts on “A really crappy job.

  1. I had one of these toilets when we stayed in PV. The silver ying-yang button(s) was charming but I continually was confused about pressing one or the other or both.

    1. I figured there would be some sort of icons representing which does which. But alas, no. The only way I have been able to describe it is that the smaller button flushes less, and the bigger button flushes more.

  2. You are a brave man, I’ll never do plumbing again. One little flood , well major flood, and they never let you live it down.

  3. I’ve had to replace the wax seal on one of our toilet flanges on several occasions and I feel your pain. With today’s technology and such it boggles my mind that we still use this wax ring thingee but it is what it is. I’m intrigued by the environmentally friendly toilet. I’ve seen them at the mall. I might have to investigate further.

    1. So far we like the toilet. It uses 1 gallon for liquid waste flushes, and 1.6 for solid waste flushes. And seems to get the job done.

      We will probably put one in the Master Bathroom when we get that far in the rebuild.

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