A study in Woof!

Today is the Tidal Wave Party at Wet ‘n Wild where there will be much wet frolicking happening, or so I hope to observe.

I haven’t had any free time yet to upload any of the pictures I have taken on our trip so far. I’m actually writing this post from my cellphone on our way to Universal Studios. (No, I’m not driving.) I thought it might be a little “slower” of a trip since there are four of us this time. But not so much. If anything, it’s been busier. Non-stop travel from point-to-point for different theme parks, concerts, bars and parties. I’ll need a vacation from this vacation.

Since I haven’t uploaded anything yet, this “pre-staged” hottie will have to do.


I wonder if I will bump into him here…

Until next time...

8 thoughts on “A study in Woof!

  1. I would bump into him… and then bump right back ONTO him!!!

    And gooster?? Hands off my Romach bitch!

  2. woof. nice.

    and just what kind of wet happenings are you looking to partake in eh? you just get more and more intersting every day

  3. @kyle:
    I’m a people watcher mostly. So other people are/were the wet happenings…

    I’m guessing you mean the other “Erik”, right? He he.

    Aww… thanks, Alexander!

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