A Tooth Story

“Picture Pages, Picture Pages, Time to get your Picture Pages, Time to get your crayons and your pencils…”. Except that I’m not drawing anything for this post. But it’s a story in pictures none the less.

A tooth. It cracked. Saturday evening.
Not that you can see it in this crappy picture,
But that tooth is wiggling in that picture.

It was painful.
Why is it that when a tooth injury occurs, it’s always on a weekend?
Waiting until Monday really sucks.

I managed to focus the pain away,
With the help of a lot of ibuprofen.
Then a large chunk of tooth broke off Sunday evening.

It was even more painful.
Ibuprofen only does so much.
There were sensitive parts exposed.

I made lots of sad faces.
Even while I was waiting for hot-dentist-man to see me I had sad face.
Poor sad face.

X-rays were shot through me.
Hot-dentist-man declared the tooth must go!
I don’t like pain. Or needles. (Ironic, eh?)

Then hot-dentist-man gave me nitrous.
And I wasn’t as sad anymore.
Even when he stuck needles in my mouth several times.

After the numby stuff kicked in,
And with a few quick tugs,
Hot-dentist-man removed what was left of the tooth from my head.

But I was slightly distracted.
The chair was tilted back and hot-dentist-man was standing in his scrubs.
And his basket-of-plenty was mashed up against my shoulder.

If I had a picture of his basket-of-plenty, I would post it here.]

I was sent home with care instructions and pain medication.
The result of which kept me in a groggy distracted state on the couch.
The kittehs used me as a warm bed.

Now I have a hole where the tooth used to be.
The hole must be filled!
I will find out about replacement options in January when I go in for my checkup with hot-dentist-man.

What’s really bizarre?
I find the whole situation ironic.
I dressed as the tooth fairy for Halloween once.


Until next time...

26 thoughts on “A Tooth Story

  1. Uggh!!! Why why WHY did I come to your blog today??

    Teeth things really creep me out! Teeth and bone things.


  2. You are just the cutest man when you make your sad face.
    I had 4 wisdom teeth removed, and the Dentist was a hottie in scrubs. It was distracting how hot he was. I tried not to stare.

    1. I’m well practiced with the sad face… 😉

      I don’t remember anything about when I had my wisdom teeth removed. I was told however I took a swing at the nurse and they had to restrain me. So I’m assuming it did not go well.

      I had two other molars removed about 3 years ago. I remember those did not go well at all. For anyone involved.

      1. I never had any problem with the dentist.
        Just as I was getting gassed… I heard them trying to wake up someone in another room. You could hear a loud slapping noice and a named yelled out. I ask if they slap your face to wake you up. I found my comment very funny at the time….I blame the gas. The next thing I knew I was at home on the couch. My partener took a pic to of me out of it at the dentist office when he was just about to take me home. I look like a fat little drunk passed out.

  3. Ouch. I’ve had more than my share of tooth emergencies, on Friday evenings, weekends, AND when on vacation.
    I’m just lucky that way. 😉
    Glad to hear you got it taken care of AND had a hot man ‘working’ on you. That always helps.

  4. I feel your pain. I did that a decade back, but actually swallowed half the tooth and didn’t know it. But that thing that goes over the nose? However they pumped that shit through almost ripped my heart out of my chest.

    At least you have a kitty to keep you company.

  5. A man with tattoos AND a missing tooth living in Arkansas – how unusual and rare! LOL At least the Kittehs were a comfort.

  6. I hope everything goes well with the pain. I’ve had all four wisdom teeth pulled at separate times over the past two years. Any extraction is terrible, but thank goodness for the painkillers!

    1. I only, knock on wood, needed the painkillers the first day. Which is unusual for me. I have taken ibuprofen a little bit more than normal though for the last few days.

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