Abort! Abort!

I found this extremely funny:


For some reason I mentally set this up as a piece of fabric that was attached to a spinning ceiling fan. The cat decided to play catch.

I feel like that on many occasions….

I’ve been sick since Sunday (it started Saturday, actually). I went to work Monday, but have been out since then. I feel a little bit better today than I have, so I guess that’s a good sign.


I feel like someone stuck a bottle brush down my throat and had their way with it.

And not in a good way.

Until next time...

12 thoughts on “Abort! Abort!

  1. Sorry you are feeling I’ll. Headache fever and a chill. Well I am here to restore your pluck- cause I’m you friend who likes to…

    Erik replies:

    Because I can always use some quackery!

  2. If I was close to Pea Ridge, I’d give you an immuno-boost massage with hot oil infused with essence of eucalyptus to help you breath easier. Of course, if that didn’t work, I have other ideas…..

    Erik replies:
    There was a lot of big words in there, RG. Then again, doctors use big words too, so it must be good.

  3. Hope you feel better soon, and if not, you better get felt soon.

    Erik replies:
    Thanks. I’m sure one will happen before the other… I’m just not sure which that will be.

  4. I know you aren’t feeling well, but you be lookin sexy all scruffy like! GRRRR

    Erik replies:
    Heh heh… thank you. Shaving’s usually the last thing I would do when I’m feeling ill.

  5. I love lolcatz. I’ve got an app on my phone to look through the pictures.

    I know how you feel right now. I suffered through it all weekend.

    Hope you get to feeling better soon!

    Erik replies:
    LOLCatz has kept me amused for many, many hours. All most as much as College Humor has.

    Whatever it is, it is definitely making the rounds. And it’s not been pleasant.

  6. Sad that you’re ill. Been there. Hope you’re getting better. But I must agree, you are SO hot, even sick.

    And thanks for the vids.

    Shalom & Cheers.

    Erik replies:
    Thanks, and I’m glad you enjoyed the vids! Maybe I shall do more of them in the future.

  7. “Where’s Mittens? She’s been awful quiet, lately.”
    *zoom* *crash* *meow*
    “Never mind.”

    Get well soon!

    Erik replies:
    It was a very “Calvin and Hobbes” kind of moment, I’m sure.

    And thanks!

  8. I have had flu for a week now, so I can empathize; being ill is no fun
    I hope that man of yours pampers you well.

    Erik replies:
    I hope you’re feeling more yourself now.! We can’t all be sick at once!

    He bought me cookies. Does that count?

  9. Sorry you’re not feeling so hot. I hope you rented
    something really fun while you were too sick to move
    (or care about what you were watching), like
    That Girl episodes. Ahh! Some days I just long to
    watch endless hours of the Marlo Thomas flip hairstyle!

    Erik replies:
    I just parked my butt in front of my computer when I wasn’t sleeping.

    I only knew the “That Girl” reference from a reference in “Family Guy”… sad, I know.

  10. Hope you are on the mend. If it helps, you looked good in the pic. hehehe And we all know it’s how you look not how you feel that matter. *G*

    Erik replies:
    Thanks. I’m finally feeling more better. Although being at work tends to undermine that feeling.

    *blush* And as anyone around me will tell you, my looks are the first thing to go when I don’t feel good… that’s where the beard came from!

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