All Good Things Go On Forever…

Two more months have passed since I last blogged about the remodel that started in February with “The Great Leak” and snowballed from there.

Since that last post in July, the roof has finally been completed, and we have since installed the windows.

Then came a little “time off” with our trip to New Orleans for Southern Decadence. Now that we have finally recovered from that trip, it was time for us to get back to the business of the remodel.

We had the HardiPlank fiber cement siding delivered way-too-damned-early Sunday morning. We started putting it up this morning. Here’s the result of what we were able to get installed today, er yesterday (Monday).

(click to see it on flickr)

(click to see it on flickr)

That stuff is freaking heavy. I can barely lift my arms now to type.

And believe it or not, the new master bathroom is not the only project we’ve got going on around the house. There’s the whole back deck we’ve been working on, and we’re also replacing the existing covered front porch that was on the house with a larger, columned front porch similar to Antebellum architecture in the Greek Revival style.

Here is what the porch looked like when we purchased the house in 2002.


We took the tin roof off in either 2007 or 2008, with plans on starting the new porch at that time. But due to some other issues, that project was put on hold. Since then, we have also decided to remove the wooden front porch and replace it in it’s entirety with a concrete front porch.

(click to see it on flickr)

We’ve poured all that concrete by hand, in stages. The Husbear’s concrete mixer has definitely seen better days.

It’ll be nice to get the columns installed and the new porch roof built. One of these days….

Until next time...

8 thoughts on “All Good Things Go On Forever…

  1. Looking great! I am always astounded by yall’s dedication and determination. It’s gonna be a real showplace soon!

    1. Thank you. One of these days we’ll have a presentable home. Well, more presentable than when you were here the last time. Unless something (or someone) else decides something else needs to be done.

  2. That cementatious fiber board is the best! Yeah it’s heavy, but it doesn’t rot, is very water repellent, termites can’t eat it AND it takes paint really really well.

    Your house is going to be awesome by the time your done. Of course, you’ll be too sore and tired to enjoy any of it, so there that. LOL

    1. I totally think we’ll never be done with it. The Husbear has soooo many ideas of things he wants to do that we’ll be hiring out contractors when we’re in our 90s just to have stuff completed.

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