All this noise about iPhone OS 4.0

Well, the Twitter cloud and about every Tech blog I read is flooded with news on the iPhone OS 4.0. One would think the world has come to a stand-still. I guess for certain fan boys it has. All this excitement for an operating system upgrade. Makes one wonder. At least it makes me wonder.

It’s nice to see people so “juiced” over technology.

My question is, why isn’t there an app that just does this yet?

Oh wait, there is…. The phone itself has become that.

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4 thoughts on “All this noise about iPhone OS 4.0

    1. Actually, not so much. I’m on my Windows XP machine at the studio. My iPhone is sitting nearby though. Maybe I should check to see if I have any “Words with Friends” plays waiting for me….

      And maybe I should change my name to “iRubright”.

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