Almost time for Southern Decadence!

The Husbear reminded me that there are 18 days until we leave for New Orleans for our annual migration to Southern Decadence.

If you’ve never been and want to see what you’re missing (or if you just like looking at hot men in general), here are photos taken at previous Decadences by friends and myself:
Southern Decadence 2007 (flickr)
Southern Decadence 2006 (flickr)
Southern Decadence 2004 (flickr)
Southern Decadence 2003 (flickr)

We’ll be staying once again with the ever-growing group of bears through Decadent Ducks. (Tell Troy I sent you…)

I’m not one for large crowds, so I will be slightly inebriated the entire duration. You’ll probably find me out by the pool drinking Bloody Mary’s in the morning (around 11AM or so), and then all over Bourbon Street and elsewhere with who knows what else in my hand.

My plan this year is to take LOTS of pictures of hot guys with tattoos. We’ll see how that goes. But I need to buy a new digital camera first. Any suggestions from you photogs out there? I’d like one I can fit in my pocket for ease of carrying around with me, but I know SLRs still take way better pictures. Decisions, decisions….

Is anyone else who happens to read my blog going this year? I would love to meet up with you if you are going to be there!

Until next time...

13 thoughts on “Almost time for Southern Decadence!

  1. Going to Decadence for the first time … googling to find out more and came across your site – thanks for sharing all the pictures!

  2. Casio Exilim are great for a small pocket sized camera. Takes beautiful pics and videos. For something inbetween a pocket sized and an SLR, try what we’ve got a Canon S5Si.

    So….you must be hiding all the naked men pictures of everyone and yourselves in your private stash. I see how you are.

    We have yet to go to Decadence. I’m not big on crowds, although I want to experience it one of these years. Can Steven and I fit in your luggage? We’re small and we don’t eat much and are completely house trained.

  3. I SO envy that boy (on his knees?) on your right.

    And I can be of no help whatsoever with the camera question. I’m still pondering that one myself and getting more and more confused as time drags on.

  4. I have a Fuji Finepix A610 – 6 megapixels and it’s very compact.

    Now, how can I get in the middle of that gaggle of menz you’re standing in?

  5. @Mike:
    It’s been a great event in the past, as I’m sure this one will be as well. You should have a great time!

    And I figured you’d have a booth set up handing out your, er, wares…

    They have their moments, that’s for sure.

    And I know what you’d be doing with that camera! But we’d have to save space for pictures of other people too 😉

    Thanks for the camera info. Seems I’ll be spending the next couple weeks comparing cameras.

    Believe it or not, there are only 2 pictures I took like that. But both involved friends that asked for it to not be posted. Seems like most of the time I was never around, or didn’t have my camera, when people were nekkid.

    And we’d make room for you both in our luggage, but you’d just as easily fit in the car with us 😉

    You should have seen what I was doing later on my knees… he he he.

    Sometimes, too many options is a bad thing when you’re trying to pick just one camera.

    Thanks for the camera info. I’m going to be playing with cameras the next week or two it would seem.

    All you have to do is show up…

  6. Have fun! Amazingly, I’ve never been to a circuit party. My friends and I always talk about going but the trips never materialize.

  7. I may stroll around the lake to see what the party animals are doing over Decadence. You and your husbear are unmistakably handsome so if I see you I will say hello. Enjoy your time!!

  8. Cool blog. I’ve always went to NOLA after decadence for my birthday and for the first time this year I’m going with a group of friends from Memphis, TN and we are going to be with the Decadence Ducks also. There is 8 of us coming and looking forward to it.

    I liked all the pics…they got me all excited LOL 😉

    Have a great week…Johnathon

  9. @Dennis:
    It’s a fun time. You should plan for it at least once.

    Thanks! And definitely say “Hello!” if you see us!

    Congrats on coming down during Decadence. It’s a blast (that’s even ME saying that), and Troy with Decadent Ducks knows how to throw a Pool Party for sure!

    And early Happy Birthday!

  10. I’ve taken all kinds of cameras. I bought a fancy big one but found I left it in the hotel cuz it was so big. All those little Canon Powershots are wonderful though. They are the size of a pack of cigarettes and take decent enough photos, some of which you can see if you find egoiste on flickr. I took 2007 and 2006 on canons. I want to upgrade to one with image stabilization myself, so if I were you, cuz prices have come down so much, I’d try for a Canon 1100IS myself, if not one of the newer more pricey 870IS models. The SD950IS is a sweet camera but the megapixels are SO high you’ll be waiting for it to just write to the storage card between every shot.

    IMO the Exilims are nice and slim but I dont like that at least for older models you had to use their crazy dock to connect to the computer although a card adaptor will work.

    I plain don’t like Sony products cuz I’ve had so many fail but they seem like sweet cameras but are SO tiny they have a lot of shake just from your blood pumping through your hand. I wouldnt buy one without IS.

    Lastly, if you are….messy shall we say, you cant beat some of the Olympus ultracompact models. They are water resistant which can come in handy at the pool, and the SW series can go deeper than you’d expect in water. My main concern for Olympus is their stupid insistence on using xD cards. Those are fine but max out at 2GB sizes.

    Found you on decadent ducks twitter btw. See you in New Orleans!

  11. @Egoiste:
    Thanks for the info. I still haven’t found the “one” I’m looking for, but this definitely helps. I’ll be spending more of this week out looking for a camera.

    Hope to see you in NOLA!

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