Another child, another accident.

First one, now another. I think we’re just going to get our kids big rubber balls to walk in and be done with it.

Our youngest, our 18 year old son, calls today. He was heading to our house from his mothers for the weekend. He had been in an accident. Correction—he had CAUSED the accident. He wasn’t paying attention and rear-ended someone who had stopped in the road ahead of him. AND that person then rear-ended the person stopped in front of them. Joy. Less than two months after we give him the car and he wrecks it and takes out two other vehicles in the process.

The son is fine, aside from his knees bothering him (he somehow whacked the underside of the dash during the accident) and the verbal lashing he has received from the husbear and myself. The husbear is upset, mad and disappointed—all the emotions one has as a parent when their child is in danger and causes danger.

The car is totaled. It is amazing the damage that can be done at 35 miles per hour. Guess he’ll find out what it’s like to be an adult faster than he wants. I’m glad we gave him a “boat.”

(sigh)… at least he wasn’t using a cell phone at the time….

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6 thoughts on “Another child, another accident.

  1. WOW! I am really sorry to hear that buddy and I am glad that hes ok.Like you say the memory of this should be with him for a long time and maybe thats not a bad thing if you know what I mean. *hugs*

  2. Are you sure those are not your kids? LOL
    I am glad he is ok. Hope that is all of the car crashes you guys have to deal with.

  3. @all:
    The son is doing well, and still thinking about what to do and what he did.

    It does seem like they learned how to wreck vehicles from me…

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