6 thoughts on “Another frackin’ Hallmark moment…

  1. I love this picture.
    I’m not a big fan of holidays in general, either. As a kid I liked the biggies, but now that I’m “the mom” and sort of in charge of making the celebration happen, I just don’t give a shit. Then I feel guilty for not making the days special for the kidlets. If I do attempt to make it special, I always regret it and feel like I’ve not done enough. I wish everyone would just forget about it and leave me the hell alone.

    I feel that way about a lot of things, actually. It must be the depression talking.

  2. Halloween is the least obnoxious of the corporately controlled holidays.

    Now, that MoFo of a holiday called Christmas, drives me up the friggin’ wall. All the fake “holiday cheer” makes me want to run through an overly decorated mall with a machete. Just kidding – people need jobs – I would pay someone to do it. (giggle)

  3. What holiday are you talking about? Christmas isn’t for a couple months… but that’s all the shit I see in stores right now.

  4. Ever since the gay village here in Toronto started to close off the street, I’ve begun to enjoy Halloween again, made obvious by my current obsession to document my costume build. I’m 10 yrs old again.

    I do, however, hate Xmas with a passion. Well parts of Xmas. I like the gifts. Hate the obligations to the family. Like the food. Hate cleaning up after it. Love decorating. Hate the cats when they think they’re helping decorating the tree at 2am.

  5. i am looking forward to our first “official” christmas at the house; last year we had just moved in in november and i was literally nailing hardwood floors on christmas day and we were living out of one room. the husband just laughs when i say i want to put up outside lights; he has no idea that i used to crawl up on the entirely too high roof at my one house and string lights.

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