Back Roads and Banjo Music Tour

The great pilgrimage has begun.

The Husbear and I are on our way to New Orleans for Southern Decadence. Where we spend a week spending money in a city that, 5 years after Katrina, still needs assistance in many places.

We’re taking the long, leisurely drive from where we live in NW Arkansas to the Big Easy, via the scenic route. We should really call it the “Back Roads and Banjo Music Tour”. I will admit: the scenery off the beaten path is nice. But I wouldn’t care to break down anywhere out here.

We drove about 9 hours today, which put us in Alexandria, Louisiana for the night.

Tomorrow, we’ll be getting up and heading down to the Lake Charles area, where some of the Husbear’s family is from, and then we’ll drive across over to NOLA following the coastline as we can.

And I leave you with this picture the Husbear took of me tonight. He was attempting to be sneaky.

Until next time...

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