Back to the “social”…

I caved in to social pressure. I have had enough clients at the tattoo shop (and a few friends and family) ask where I went online, so I created accounts back on MySpace and Facebook.

I’m sure I’ll regret it eventually, but it seems a lot of clients (and friends and family) are actually part of the social… and by social I don’t mean Zune.

If you’re on one of these (and I know some of you are!) feel me up if you’d like.


Until next time...

3 thoughts on “Back to the “social”…

  1. I axed myspace. Just a holy mess of HTML and stupid add ons. I didn’t much care for FB either but it is definitely growing on me. People are a tad more social there it seems. The apps also tend to be less intrusive into your operating system. Just my .02

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