Bath Time

I was taking my shower this morning and had a thought: What’s in your shower?

Our upstairs shower

I’m probably going to lose whatever points I had left with this admission: All I have is a bar of Dove soap and a bottle of Pert shampoo.

The Husbear HATES that I refuse to use something other than the Pert shampoo. Especially since we own a salon together. He actually covers up the shampoo bottle in the shopping cart in case we run into clients.

So, from the ingredients I mentioned, I obviously don’t have any meticulous shower habits. What about you?

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15 thoughts on “Bath Time

  1. Mine’s not that much more glamorous. I’ve got some Kirkland brand shampoo and conditioner that I can’t live without (or course in the bottles that take about 3 months to go through), my Apricot face moisturizer, a lufa, and my razor.

    Unlike you, I’m not posting any pictures of my bathroom.

  2. I have my toothpaste, toothbrush, razor, shampoo, rubbing alcohol (for when i get into chiggers), soap, and face soap. I shave and brush my teeth in the shower………

  3. I am about the same, very simple
    However, the husband has all kinds of goodies in the bathroom to chose from, and when I feel adventurous, I use something different.
    lol@hiding the pert in shopping cart.

  4. I just walked over to the shower to look and it’s a longer list then I realized.

    -Dial for Men Hydrating Wash
    -Olay Foaming Face Wash
    -Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo
    -Paul Mitchell Lavender Mint Conditioner
    -Algemarin Foam Bath
    -Prell Shampoo
    -Vaseline for Men Body & Face Lotion
    -and the ever popular soap-on-a-rope

  5. His fancy salon shampoo & conditioner for his fine, curly hair.
    My discount store shampoo & conditioner for my thick, coarse hair.
    His specialty store body wash. My discount store body wash.
    His 4-blade razor. My 3-blade razor.
    His purple nylon netting “pouf”. My orange nylon netting “pouf”.
    And my waterproof breast cancer self-exam guidelines reminder.
    And that’s all I have to say about that.

  6. It is time to confess – whenever we are in a hotel or motel, I hate to throw out the bars of soap that were used maybe once or twice. I wrap the used ones in tissue and bring them home. (I don’t take the unopened ones).
    So in my shower are the continual parade of small soap bars.

  7. I just have shampoo & conditioner, which the husb tells me is not the perfect combo for washing your body with. Then again he only uses the strongest most carbolic tar soap he can get his little mitts on.

  8. I never clean my shower… I figure that’s what the soap and shampoo do on a daily basis.

    My corner showercaddy looks like an Aveda Concept salon exploded into it. I think I have 5 different shampoos, 3 different conditioners, shaving cream, etc.

  9. Tory uses Aveda Rosemary Mint shampoo and conditioner for his hair. When I actually “HAVE” hair, I use it as well. We also use either Bigelow Red body wash from Bath & Body Works, or a new body wash we picked up at Target called Everyman Jack, which is infused with exfoliating beads and hints of orange. It smells GREAT!! Neutrogena shaving gel, Clinique facial scrub for men, a mirror, my Gillette Fusion razor, a facial buffer, and a scrunchy also adorn the shower. It’s a typical gay man’s shower…LOLOL.

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