Because it’s all the rage these days

Aretha Hat Erik
“My kuntry tis of thee…”

I couldn’t resist.

There’s a couple more I played with here and here.

And there’s an entire group dedicated to Aretha’s Hat on Flickr. Hours of enjoyment. Well, maybe not hours….

Until next time...

18 thoughts on “Because it’s all the rage these days

  1. GUUUURRRRRRLLLLLL…if I didn’t know no bettah, I’d swear you was Aretha. From here on, you is gonna be called Urethra, Aretha’s bestest gurlfrin. You go baybuh!!

  2. You know, that’s her best goin’ to prayer meetin’ hat. I’d be afraid of what it might do to your mind, fella. ;O)

  3. Oh no… Erik has been taken as well… Listen everyone… the hat is not a hat… it is an alien that attaches itself to your brain and controls you! THEY’RE ALIVE! Hee hee!

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