Best Concert Ever.

I’m sure some of you are tired of my B-52’s related posts, but tonight was the big concert event. So you get at least this one more post.

I thought at first the event might not go so well. On the way to meet our group, the Husbear and I swung through Sonic for a nibble and I BROKE ANOTHER MOLAR on a freaking cheese stick. Seriously. A fucking fried cheese stick. At the rate I’m going through teeth, one would think I’ve done meth or some other drug that causes one’s teeth to go to shit. That’s was a lifetime of having only well water will do to you. Luckily I wasn’t in any pain, but I’ll have to go get that fixed now.


For this concert, I wanted to go all out and wear clothing of awesomeness. After all, I did it for Lady Gaga. And this was THE B-52’S! That’s what one does. Sadly, it’s been in the 100s and muggy here all week, and tonight was not going to be any different. And this was an outdoor concert at the amp. So everyone in the group I was dragging with me to the concert decided T-shirts and shorts would be the order of the day.

So… I had a moment. Or an idea. Sometimes it’s hard to tell those apart. The last song on the latest B-52’s album “FunPlex” is called “Keep This Party Going“. The chorus goes like this:

Go to church on Sunday
Party on Monday
And every other day of the week
We’re just a bunch of party geeks

These shirts were the result of that moment:

See! A bunch of party geeks! Post-concert sweaty party geeks mind you. But party geeks none-the-less. In the back row, shortest-to-tallest: that’s the Husbear, @farmthat, @farmthat’s partner, and MAG. In the front row is myself and @gypsybuscuit. Aren’t they all the greatest? The people. And the shirts. 😉

And while the B-52’s didn’t perform that song, we did got a mention from Kate during one of the breaks! How incredible is that?

This was not the “shout out” moment, but I didn’t have the camera out at that time.

It probably also helped that we were in the second row where we could be seen by the band. Because I like to be close to the action! And to be able to see the whites of there eyes is important! Especially when one of the band came out looking rather, er, high. His whites were a little red.

They did a selection of songs from the new album, mixed in with a whole bunch of classics! Almost 2 hours worth! Not one bad song in the bunch. Not that there really is a bad B-52’s song mind you.


I had a great time. And the bunch of the Party Geeks had a great time as well! We were all on our feet dancing and singing and clapping the entire concert. I enjoy being able to add a great moment like this—filled with incredible friends and an incredible band—to my memory.

Until next time...

16 thoughts on “Best Concert Ever.

  1. I saw them a few years ago and they were great. A little too much Fred for me, but other than that……I’m not complaining. Glad you had a good time.

    1. Glad to hear that for you too!

      This concert seemed very balanced as far as who sang and how much. Which I was happy for! It was great to be able to hear the girls.

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