Bow Down And Worship Zuul

The Husbear needs to practice step #5.

Today alone, I fixed his computer at the house (video card going bad… too much porn?), and his computer at the salon (several issues… I know better than to make other people administrators!).

How do people out there survive without a tech in the family? Maybe that’s how businesses like Geek Squad stay functioning? I know there are definitely days I want to call someone to fix my stuff when it doesn’t work.

Do you have a tech in your family, or do you have to call some stranger you don’t know when your electronic toys… er… tools don’t work?

Oh, and speaking as a tech, you could do a few other things while you’re down there practicing step #5. 😉

Until next time...

8 thoughts on “Bow Down And Worship Zuul

  1. I don’t know – even with TWO techs in our family we still need help. Maybe the video card is going bad because it’s inwardly saying, “my eyes! my eyes!”? Perhaps it is not a bearboard, but a twinktastic and its being repeatedly forced to go to the dark side?

  2. for all tech questions, we call Brother #3 who knows all about Macs and Apples – and is first to tell you so.
    But he can fix things over the phone. It is annoying though when he puts on an Indian accent.

  3. My parents call me whenever they have a problem with their computer — and it’s usually related to AOL. Which I’ve never used. My uncle is a tech, and built his own computer from scratch — we think of it as a smaller version of UNIAC because it takes up one room in their house. But for some reason, they won’t call him or allow him to fiddle with their computer.

  4. When my new Mac has problems from all the porn…and you cum fix it…I will perform anything you want during step # 5

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