Camping Au Naturale

The Husbear and I—as well as two other friends who I’ll not name here lest they don’t want to be outed for it—went camping Memorial weekend. My second time to go camping in a matter of months. I’m feeling all granola-ey! Not.

We were going to a men’s only campground.

A clothing optional men’s only campground.


Thank the lords of Kobol for alcohol.

I might have even spent a lot of time in my tent to help keep my brain in balance.

I'm in-tents!
I’m in-tents!

I wasn’t a fan, and can’t say that I will do it again. I’d rather have been camping in the middle of redneckistan. Which in a way I was. Naked, gay, redneckistan.

I’m not sure why I agreed to go. I guess maybe I didn’t think *that* many people would be naked. All the time. I guess I’m still naive.

I don’t like being naked inside my own home, let alone around other humans. And then to be around people who are naked? I envy people who don’t have any issue being naked. But I have a huge hangup with being naked. I don’t know why, but I do.

One more thing on the list of things I need to work on….

Until next time...

13 thoughts on “Camping Au Naturale

  1. If it makes you uncomfortable, so be it. Why do you have to work on that? It’s not for all people. Kudos for going and giving the experience a shot, but you know who you are and what your comfort level is. That’s not wrong or bad. You’re not a nudist. That’s ok. 🙂

  2. I love nude beaches and we’re all naked for our monthly Sweat Lodge gatherings. But I can’t imagine being naked in the woods with bugs everywhere (I am a major bug magnet — apparently they like Italian food). It’s all personal, and while I think you should feel comfortable naked in your own home, you know what’s right for you and should go with that.

  3. I’ve been skyclad for camping on a number of occasions but it took me a long while to work up the nerve to do it and then I don’t know that I am completely naked because I still wear my socks and boots. In this situation I tend to stick to our site and then I put a few clothes on to go to the community campfires and the like.

    Personally I like the all-male campground spaces but the naked part isn’t a must for me. And honestly, I wish the campground I’ve been to was a little more rednecky. 🙂

    While I can understand your desire to be comfortable in your own skin, I kind of agree with Sean in that if it’s not your thing then why worry about it? I don’t see any reason to be wearing whatever makes you comfortable in those situations. If someone says something to you because you choose not to be naked, well then, perhaps that’s an indicator that the campground isn’t the right place to be because I think no one should ever question another based on how naked or not they are in any given situation.

  4. While I’m not in the habit of walking around my house naked. I have but not for long. In locker room settings, while I’m nothing to look at, I don’t care if someone sees me naked. But CAMPING! It can be uncomfortable with clothes on, I can’t imagine it naked. No thank you. Been to the nude beach in Provence Town, just to look around ;). Even there the sand could be an issue, but at least you have the ocean to rinse off in. You should do what makes you happy. While your naked body would make many of us happy….to bad for us, you do what is right for you!

  5. I used to have a big issue with being naked around others but eventually I got over it. I think I felt that maybe my body wasn’t perfect enough but then I saw other dudes being naked and carefree so I thought “screw it!”

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