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Bad Siri

Is anyone else with an iPhone who reads this little ol’ blog seeing Siri do this this?


Siri has been draining my battery like my color after hearing the election results. Which weirdly enough is right around the time it started doing it. And it always says “Siri (Audio)” when this happens.

Some Googling has resulted in suggestions, but no one seems to have found a definite cause/correction.

The first was disable “Siri Suggestions”, but I’ve had it off since upgrading months ago:

Yes, I have Siri on, but if I don’t, I can’t voice to text:

Even though Dictation has it’s own option:

Another suggestion was to switch Siri Feedback from “Always On” to one of the other options. But mine has been like this since the upgrade months ago as well:

Both a regular reboot and a hard reboot don’t make a difference either.

The other options are to nuke the phone and reload it, but before I do that, I wanted to see if anyone else is experiencing this.

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National Coming Out Day

I was reminded by my bestest buddy that today is National Coming Out Day:

I love reading the National Coming Out Day stories my friends have posted today! Even though I didn’t know y’all then, it’s still awesome to read and know more about you all. I love each and everyone of you and wouldn’t change you for the world!

I don’t really have any new stories to tell at the moment, but I can point you to the things I’ve written previously: Coming Out.

Sometimes it’s good for me to re-read the things I’ve written.

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Flickr… deleted.
Facebook… disabled.
Yahoo… deleted.
Foursquare… deleted.
Twitter… disabled.

I’ve been doing a little social network housekeeping the last few days.

It started with Flickr a few days ago. I just didn’t use it any longer, and hadn’t uploaded anything to it in years, so I decided it was time to go. Of course, I realized after the fact that some of the older pictures on this blog were hosted on it, but I’ll do due diligence and get those added here. Eventually.

Facebook has been bothering me for a while. Again. I don’t know if it was the upswing in political posts, by all parties, or the fact that I just seem to see how stupidity humanity seems to be getting as of late. So I announced the other day on it I was disabling it. And then 24 hours later I did. As well as Messenger too. I haven’t used either app on my phone for a long time, instead choosing to use the browser version. Less tracking, for one. Plus I use ad blockers on my phone as well as my computers. So I didn’t feel I was being tracked as much. But… it was time for it to go.

I know Facebook owns Instagram. And I do use Instagram. A lot. I see things in pictures. And I enjoy seeing things others post. It’s like Tumblr, but more… organized. For me. Granted, I’m not happy with the algorithm that Instagram is now using instead of showing my pictures in chronological order. And probably eventually Instagram will go too, once they figure out another way to piss people off.

And then there was Twitter. I haven’t really used it lately either anyway. I used to enjoy bantering on it with others, and for the instantaneous alerts that something was happening in the world. But Twitter seems to be having an identity crisis as of late. It’s moved away from it’s original creation and into “2.0” land: it’s trying to be Facebook. So, I nuked that account.

And then the Yahoo mail debacle that just came to light. And I’m not even talking about all the password hacking that’s been done as of late. How a company could purposely make email data available to the government for snooping just blows my mind. So there goes all my Yahoo accounts. Not that I actually every used the email. But if they started with that, what else are they sharing? That’s why I nuked my Gmail account a long time ago. Come to think of it, I think I have an non-email Google account out there I need to take care of…

And speaking of Tumblr, I do still have an account there. But it’s just re-posts from Instagram. But Tumblr’s probably something I need to consider nuking as well, considering Yahoo owns it.

I know each and every one of these services are free. Well, free to use. But with that comes the knowledge that my data is what’s for sale. And I’m not a big fan of that. I don’t think I’m getting more paranoid in my less young age. But I don’t see giving up privacy for the chance that it could *potentially* stop something from happening. Ever. Next thing you know, we’ll have to fly naked.

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iOS 10 Music app fail…

I’ve been ranking my songs in iTunes and on my iPhone using the star rating system for… ages. Most of my playlists involve the use of the stars to sort what I want to hear.

After upgrading to iOS 10, I couldn’t find the ability to modify the rating anywhere aside from Apple’s new thumbs-up or thumbs-down feature, which is not granular enough… for me.

After a bit of Google-sleuthing, I discovered this feature is no longer available in the iOS Music app, with no way to rate a song as it plays on my iDevice. (It can still be accessed via iTunes… for now.) Thanks for yanking an old feature, Apple.

Luckily, some developer out there has created an app that allows me to still do that, as both a widget and in it’s app. It’s called “Music Rating Widget”, and can be found at

Totally worth the $0.99. For me.

I can now still rate the new music I get as I play it, and adjust older ratings as my tastes change.


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