Circle of [Blogging] Friends Award

I was tagged by Matt at Mathias N Oz who was tagged by RG at Dulce Y Peligroso who was tagged by Larry Ohio at Patently Queer who was tagged by Kyle at Out Left who was tagged by Jo at Diary of A Sad Housewife who was tagged by…. It’s a long list. I backtracked for a while.


Upon receiving this “award” I am to mention five things I enjoy or like to do, then pass the award on to five others.

I’m not particularly sure why it matters about what things I enjoy or like for this “award”, but such is the way these things go.

These are five of my favorite things:

Technological convergence. Huh? What’s that you ask, besides some combination of buzzwords? Wikipedia best sums it up as the trend of technologies to merge into new technologies that bring together a myriad of media. Technological convergence of tools leads to devices that are designed specifically to replace a number of different devices. I love this evolutionary process! (Yes, I’m that much of a geek.)

Which leads to my next favorite thing…

Pocketable personal computing devices. Which at this particular moment would be my phone. It’s nice to be able to access the plethora of available information available in the world through a tiny, user-friendly device. I miss having a laptop for some of the larger things I do, but my phone serves me well. For everything else, there’s my desktop workstation.

Not working for “the man”. Technically I guess that’s not true: We all work for the man in one way or another. But I mean directly. Not reporting to someone other than myself has presented me with a new set of challenges and expectations.

(The printer name makes me laugh… click to embiggen.)

Not waking up with an alarm clock. It’s nice to be able to sleep until my body decides to wake me up, instead of an electronic buzzing noise. There are some days I still set it, just to remind myself how horrible it is to wake up in that manner.

Listening to the Husbear sleep. I don’t fall asleep easy, and will often lay there an hour or so listening to the sounds of him breathing. He doesn’t snore like he did before he had his wisdom teeth removed, but he still has moments where I notice the sound of him breathing during the night. Above the sound of the loud fan he has running all the time.

Now I’d like to pass on this “award” to other bloggers whom I appreciate:

All of the bloggers I follow! I appreciate each and every one of you!

See. That’s me. Breaking the chain. Kind of.

Until next time...

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    1. It does seem like a plethora of people have been flocking away from Sprint these days. I was glad to get rid of them. The people in the Sprint store were always so unhelpful.

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