City of the Big Shoulders

The Husbear, our buddies Dwayne and Ross (no relation), and I will be in Chicago for Memorial weekend (next weekend!). Which coincidentally happens to be when IML is taking place also. This is only my second time in Chicago, with the last being the previous Fourth of July. That said, I’m looking for suggestions on things to do in Chicago while we’re there. And will any of you be there while I’m there?

On the river...
On the river…

Until next time...

3 thoughts on “City of the Big Shoulders

  1. I lived there from 1988-2000. It is a marvelous town with so many diverse things to do it makes my head spin. If you are interested, please email me with some guidance and I will tell you what I can.

    1. Most definitely! We will only have two days in Chicago, a Saturday and a Sunday. I’m not sure what kind of stuffs the others want to do, but I’m interested in seeing some of the artsy kinds of stuff.

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