Clique Clack

Sean’s question to me got me thinking, and then I saw this over at Joe. My. God.:

Besides the obvious stereotypes, I don’t know that this chart is visualized correctly at least as far as the “Age” spoke is concerned. It’s probably hard to do a 3D graph in a 2D world. I also think they should include level of gregariousness as an additional spoke.

I guess I’d probably fall into the “otter” category. I really don’t know a lot of otters though. Does that mean I eat a lot of “food” on my chest. Are there otter support groups?

Where do you fall? Do you self-identify as that? Do others identify you the same? Do you typically hang out with other people in that same group?

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8 thoughts on “Clique Clack

  1. What’s odd is that none of those qualities are selectively “gay.” And I don’t really understand how hair is necessarily opposite of age. If I were gay, I guess I’d be an otter too… though I don’t know at which point your age starts dragging you the other way and you become a wolf.

    With this much confusion, it must be really hard to fill out a personals ad.

    1. Do straight men use the term “bear” to describe themselves? And I wonder if there are lesbian bears?

      The muscle vs. fat spoke I can understand. The Age vs. Hair one I don’t. I’m assuming it was just done for aesthetic purposes–much like hair on a human these days.

      I had to Google the difference between an otter and a wolf. Apparently “a wolf is a gay man who is older, hairy, but DOMINANT and assertive if not aggressive in his quest for male partners.” I think I’m on the opposite end of the spectrum of wolf-dom.

      And I’m fairly certain that’s why Craigslist was created: so people could just post pictures.

  2. Hmmmm…
    I think you’re supposed to partially exclude one of the four axis to find where you stand, otherwise you can’t find your group. I exclude age for me since I consider myself still fairly young. I’m very hairy and with some fat on my bones demonstrating a lovely beer belly, although it’s caused by eating and not drinking. I do go to the gym though and I do run. So, I consider myself either an otter or a cub… It depends what I had for dinner the night before…

  3. Have to agree with Dave2… I am older, Hairy and somewhat fat. That would place me in the CHUB/CUB area by averaging out the distance between Age and Hair.

    Fail! I say Fail, sir!

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