Deep South

It’s that time: our annual migration south to New Orleans for Southern Decadence.

The Husbear and I left Saturday morning-ish and began our journey by heading to Dallas. For a warm-up: both temperature—it’s hot in Dallas!—and liver damage.

(For some reason, I didn't start recording the trip until somewhere in Oklahoma...)
(For some reason, I didn’t start recording the trip until somewhere in Oklahoma…)

We arrived in Dallas around 6pm, and checked into our hotel.

From there we headed out to do a little shopping, as I needed new swim trunks. I probably should remind myself that I’m horrible to go shopping with: it always seems that nothing I like is ever in the size I need, and I can never decide what I like. The Husbear is a patient man.

We grabbed a bite to eat, and then headed out to The Round-Up, followed by the Dallas Eagle. After all, we had to test our livers out to make sure they could handle the upcoming week. I seem to recall the lights coming on at the Eagle at close, so I guess we did an okay job. 😉

This morning we got up and around and headed from Dallas towards the gulf coast.

520 miles and 11 hours later we arrived in the town of Morgan City, Louisiana and hunkered down for the night.

Deep in the heart?
Deep in the heart?

There are some seriously boring parts of Texas, but a lot of east Texas was pretty to look at. And the hugging the coast of Louisiana is always beautiful. Minus the sprawling oil refineries.

Tomorrow we get up and head for Pensacola Beach, Florida for a day or two of relaxing before the hedonism begins.

Until next time...

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  1. I’ve been to decadence 3 times, would have been four if Katrina hadn’t got in the way. I’ve always had a blast, but it is a blast furnace in New Orleans on Labor Day weekend. Always stayed at Maison Dupuey ( spelling???) never driven there….couldn’t imagine. I’ll think of you this weekend while I’m on the beach in Ft Lauderdale. Have a great time, remember to put your name on that transplant list…..just in case New Orleans wins….

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