12 thoughts on “Deep Thought

  1. Y’know, every time I hear some queen saying “ew, he’s too muscley!” or, worse, “ewwww! He’s too hairy!”, it’s easy to resist my Slap Him Hard Reaction because, hey, less competition. The man’s gorgeous. Thanks. And if you happen to have any full-on face shots of him…

  2. bstewart23:
    I agree! This is what I look for in a man, when I’m man-watching…

    I wish I had more of him… a LOT more of him. He just showed up in my Inbox like that.

    @Erik Replicant:
    One could wish. But he is definitely The Answer.

  3. @homer:
    Homer! Your comment has to be the funniest thing I’ve read today! I wonder how often that happens. Not your comment being the funniest thing, but hairless twinks turning into hot bears.

  4. He is gorgeous. I love hairy men and the more hair they have the better, as long as its not on top of their head, then again if they are mucky I can forgive them for that.

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