Dilemma, Part II

A follow-up to the Dilemma post I did last Friday.

After considering everything my close circle and those of you who commented or messaged me had to say, I decided to call the client before the appointment this Saturday. After several attempts over several days of trying to reach him (apparently his cell phone was “disconnected”), I finally reached his voicemail Tuesday evening. I didn’t really want to leave a message as I wanted to talk to him live, but I did. I essentially told him that I’d tattoo him, but he had a few tattoos I didn’t feel comfortable with tattooing unless he wanted to cover those up with new tattoos. I asked him to call back so I could speak with him in person.

Which he did today/Wednesday.

I re-relayed to him essentially what I left on the voicemail. He said he didn’t want to cover the tattoos as they represented his personal convictions, and said he would find another tattoooist. To which I actually offered him a couple names of tattooists in another town who I thought might be more… willing… to tattoo him. He was pleasant enough in our conversation, and didn’t act angry or shocked at all.

Thank you to those of you who commented and messaged me. It was a great help to me to hear both similar and other viewpoints, and to think about things I hadn’t considered.

Until next time...

5 thoughts on “Dilemma, Part II

  1. I’m glad you resolved this. I am the kind of person who would worry terribly over this conversation, imagining the worst. I’m glad for you! I need to have a talk with my MIL on Saturday… Your success has given me confidence! ( no, she doesn’t have any swastika tattoos…)

  2. Excellent!
    Thanks for the post it made me think. Even though I had a lengthily reply, I am still not sure what I would do. Now you know his convictions and know you did the right thing.

  3. Phew
    Again – our ‘worst case scenario’ seldom is as bad as we imagine it to be.
    Go for you for being courageous and honorable. Truly manly.

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