I awoke at 1:55 AM, being torn from my sleep by someone screaming out in pain.

I checked the Husbear; it wasn’t him.

It wasn’t someone outside, as the dogs were all calm.

I’m a little unnerved at this point.

Nightmare Death

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9 thoughts on “Disturbia

  1. There used to be a creature living near my house– at least I hope it was a creature– that would make a sound a lot like a girl screaming in horror. I wasn’t ever able to identify it, but I always thought it might have been some kind of owl.

  2. You know, I think Urspo might be correct. We go through several sleep cycles during our nightly-time out, and this auditory hallucination might have occurred between light-sleep and REM.

    But then again, it might have been some woodland/farm animal making some god-awful noise just as you were sliding into REM and it crept into your subconscious and woke you up. You do live in the boonies you know.

    In any case, you shouldn’t worry about it too much, unless you awake from a sound slumber and find yourself butt-naked in the middle of your farm wondering how you got there.

  3. I agree. My vote is either for a cat in heat or more likely something like a night heron. The screams of a night heron are enough to give anyone nightmares. There was a family of night herons living in a redwood tree in our back yard when we first moved here. I don’t think I was able to go back to sleep after I heard that ungodly noise. They would come back to roost before dawn after feeding at the marsh. But I also have no idea was kind of bird life you have there…

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