I know this video is 16 minutes long, but if you’re a DIY fan or a Doctor Who fan (or both!) you’ll appreciate this.

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I wonder if the Husbear would notice if the TARDIS appeared as a permanent fixture in the yard this Spring?


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7 thoughts on “DIY TARDIS

  1. Am I the only gay who doesn’t like comic books or has no desire/appreciation for “Dr. Who”? I don’t like to shop. I can’t really cook (that well). Forget decorating or gardening.

    I swear, if it weren’t for liking sex with men, would I even be gay?

    1. I don’t know that you’re the only one. The Husbear doesn’t either. Except for the sex thing.

      And I’m not a comic book guy. About the only comics I like are the “funny papers” of old, like “Calvin and Hobbes”, “Herman” and “The Far Side”.

      I was a Doctor Who fan when I was a kid in the 80s. But I’ve always been a science fiction junky. However, I actually didn’t start watching the new “version” of Doctor Who until about the fourth year of it for fear that they would have destroyed my childhood memories.

      As for the shopping… I hate it. I’d rather burn myself with a hot decorating implement. If there is such a thing.

      So no, you’re not alone.

  2. I’d build one of these if I wasn’t so ADD. I’d get half way done, see a chicken walk by, and never finish.

  3. This is totally awesome!! It was worth all 16 minutes. I’m in love with that young lady.

    I watched Dr. Who when I was in college in the olden days, when Tom Baker was the Doctor. Superman liked it, I tolerated it. I like the idea of Dr. Who better than the actual show. I also like the idea of a collapsible tardis. My nerd senses are tingling. Thanks so much for sharing!

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