25 thoughts on “Doing something I don’t ever do: Walking around outside, naked.

  1. Cute butt.

    When I lived with my first partner on his farm, we were *always* naked outside. I loved it. Only got caught in the garden once when a car drove up (but if you kneel or crouch down sideways, most people from the road don’t realize you don’t have clothes on). Gotta watch out for chiggers, though.

    1. I was more worried that your own major intestines–in a desperate attempt to save life kind itself–would leap straight up through your neck and throttle your brains.

      But thank you. It needs to see more light, apparently.

  2. When I saw the tag line I honestly thought “God I hope he posts like a full body where we see his ass.”

    No lie.

  3. I thought that you would have a nice hairy ass…but I like the one you have..it suits you. Must be liberating to be able to walk around outside naked. Sure can’t do that were I live!

    1. It’s more peach fuzzy than it is hairy. And that’s just happened in the last few years. I appear to be slow to develop in my hirsuteness.

      I’ve never been a “naked” kind of person. I prefer to be clothed. But for some random reason I had a moment where I felt I needed a little sunshine. But it is nice to be able to do that out here where we live in the country.

  4. I’m in agreement with everyone else that you have a very cute butt. You need some more ink on your back, it would suit you. Also, are you wearing those funky shoes that look like feet?

  5. A lovely photo. Male beauty per se is never pornographic, whether full frontal or full . . . rearal? backal? assal? dorsal? Whatever. You have a handsome body and it is a pleasure to see. Thank you. Now, on to the frontal view!

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