My apologies for all the picture posts as of late. It’s just easier for me to take a picture to express a moment than it is for me to write it down.

Not much really going on. Haven’t really had much gumption as of late. Just day-to-day stuff:

Fixed the dishwasher that’s been broken for a few months. We gave up on it and were saving up to just replace it. But I took one last crack at it and took the thing apart, then reassembled it. I really don’t know what was wrong with it, but it worked again once I put it back together.

Still trying to finalize the travel details for our drive out to Las Vegas for our oldest daughter’s wedding. Considering we leave next Sunday, I should probably get cracking on that.

I started watching the show “Breaking Bad”. I am only on season 1 still, but I’ve loved the situational aspect of it, as well as the science.

I am behind on some blog reading. I’m working on catching up. But my brain doesn’t seem to want to stay focused.

Hopefully I’ll get some gumption soon.

Until next time...

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