I rarely dream about people I know. Or I should say, people I know rarely appear in my dreams. Usually it’s just a “generic” figure that could be anyone, but no one specific.

The night before last though, I had a dream with several people I know in it. Specifically two people in particular: my buddies Dwayne, and his partner Tory (R.I.P.). This is the first time either have shown up in my dreamland.

I woke up from the dream with a very clear memory of it, and wanted to get my thoughts down before they disappeared, as is often the case with my dreams.

It wasn’t a dream remembering something that happened. It was a random story but with them in it.

It was an odd but happy dream. One that left me feeling unusually comforted when I awoke at the end of it. Enough so that I remember saying out loud, “Thank you, Tory, for being here.”

While I’m not one who is big on dream analysis—trust me, I have some pretty fraked up nightmares—I think/hope there was something meaningful buried in this dream.

And this is another glimpse into my brain you probably didn’t need to know.

Until next time...

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