Drip, drip, drip…

Does anyone else… “leak”?

Leaky Faucet?

When I was a young pup, I wet the bed. All the time. This led to awkward social situations as a kid. Like being too embarrassed to spend the night at a friend’s house. Or peeing in my sleeping bag on camping trips in Scouts. All good times, let me tell you.

My parents were obviously concerned. So there was all the poking and prodding done by the doctors to attempt to figure out why. That was fun. I remember once being injected with a dye and having to stand in front of an X-ray type machine and as I was urinating they were taking X-rays. Then there was all sorts of medication that was taken in an attempt to stop the problem. Nothing worked.

The last thing that was attempted was some sort of device that was based on Pavlov’s bell-ringing-and-dogs-salivating experiments. Except in this case it was an electronic buzzer that was wired to my underwear. When moisture was detected, a LOUD buzzer activated and woke me from my slumber.

Which was apparently the problem! I was in such a deep sleep that I didn’t know to wake up when I needed to urinate. I still remember vividly to this day the first time the buzzer went off. I woke up screaming not knowing what the hell was happening, all the while wetting myself—both because that was “the routine” and because I was scared as hell. That wasn’t traumatic, was it?

After a few months of this twisted, evil version of an alarm clock, I was “reprogrammed” to wake up right as I was starting to pee. Which was an improvement. But I still “leaked” a little.

Which I still do to this day. Which is both annoying and a problem. After I “give it a shake” (or five) I still continue to drip a little after that. Not constantly, but just a little. Enough to be annoying. I sure as hell don’t want to go to a urologist for more poking and prodding like I experienced as a youth. But getting older, something tells me that I should before things get worse?

Just thought I’d share.

Until next time...

9 thoughts on “Drip, drip, drip…

  1. That’s some serious sharing.

    Anticipating the onslaught of teasing I’m going to get from Sorted, I share this with you: I did the same thing.

    Military doctors (which I went to, and is their wont) gave me a pill to take. They also instructed my mother to wake me up before she went to bed so that she could coax me into the restroom one last time at night. I cannot tell you that that pill did anything to solve the problem. I can tell you that I didn’t remember my mother waking me up on most nights.

    Later on in life, I had to have my two front teeth veneered because of the discolorization caused by the pills. I also learned to stop drinking (anything) within one hour of going to bed.

    That finally solved the other problem.

    1. Thanks for sharing as well Mike. Thankfully you and I both have gotten over the bedwetting. I wonder how many people actually go through life without being able to make it through the night dry.

      Do you happen to remember what the pill was they gave you? I remember the one I was on the longest was a small triangle-shaped pill.

      Oh, and if Sorted starts teasing… we’ll have to talk to “M” to take care of her for us.

  2. I do the same thing. Leaking that is. I find that the older I get the worse it gets. I see now why some of those older gentlemen at work grab a papertowel before they head to the urinal. But hey, we’re not wearing depends. It doesn’t help that I drink probably 8 bottle waters a day either. I’m peeing every 15 minutes some days.

    1. Leaking seems to be a more “common” problem than I thought. At least from the few posts so far…. I wonder if through human history if this has always been occurring as people get older? Or if it’s a recent event?

      The drinking too much gets me too. I feel like I’m in the bathroom every 10 minutes or so. Or maybe that’s just to get away from my desk…

  3. I will be nice…. MaryEllen got to this before me to leave any *snarky: comment. But then again, I am on vacation and worrying about anything other than doing nothing has not been on my priority list.

    I will admit as a child (5-10), I wet the bed. I did outgrow it, though about 10 years ago after a major, major drinking fest, I passed out and woke up completely wet in urine. Thank God no one was sharing the bed with me at that time.

  4. Have you tried Kegel exercises? I don’t know if it will help, but it’ll sure impress the hell out of anyone who fucks your ass. (trust me on this).

    Oh, and you may not want to go commando while wearing khakis… just a thought.

  5. ok. i’ve never had any of the leaking problems but i thought i might still weigh in and say maybe a trip to a GOOD urologist might be in order. i’m just putting it out there. you never know…maybe they’ve figured some shit out in the last 20 odd years…….but for sure don’t let them drug you!

    i’m probably gonna get my ass kicked for this but……

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