8 thoughts on “Empty but Beautiful

  1. Wow! I remember a Black Friday, probably 25 years ago, when I was literally shoulder to shoulder in the crowd there (not my choice, the whole extended family elected to go). Plus many other occasions of more pleasant shopping. Of course, STL has been dying for years and years. It’s all the burbs and surrounding communities.

    1. I definitely didn’t see a lot of people while we were there. But many of them could have been nursing hangovers from the New Years celebrations. I was just shocked at how many vacant business areas there were.

  2. This picture made me a bit sad and took me back to the nineties when Union Station and different venues in St. Louis where my friends and I “go to places” to see people. shop and have fun.

    Yet another portrait of my teenage years and memories is slowly crumbling. Found your blog through Stevie B. I like it.


    1. It’s sad to see such neat places like that fall into disuse. One would think/hope that the owners would make some sort of change to correct that.

      And thank you, and welcome to my craziness.

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