First off: a big thank you to everyone who sent their well-wishes for the Husbear and for me. They are very much appreciated.

Second: the Husbear is doing well. He’s resting for the most part, medicated as needed. I’ve been assisting him getting around, as he does have to walk on occasion for the healing process. And to go to the bathroom. And there was that whole attempting to shower incident. I really need to finish that Master bathroom soon if this keeps up.

The Husbear slept for the most part through the night last night. I, on the other hand, was pretty much awake all night making sure he was okay, making sure he was getting his medications, dressing his wound, and just thinking. I’m a wee bit tired today.

And since I’m tired, I’m seriously just cut-and-pasting. You can read the rest here:

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