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  1. Eric,
    I am scheduled for a consultation for a large work this Sunday. How are fees calculated by tattoo artists? This person’s website lists an hourly rate–which I understand. Is there bartering allowed when negotiating the fee for a tattoo? I don’t want to disrespect the artist. Is it alright to say–I have $500 to spend on a tattoo–what can I get for that? What is the best way to approach this. The piece that I am looking to get done is a tattoo that starts on the rib cage and proceeds onto my back and then onto the top of my chest–so it is a large piece. Your comments would be welcome. Thanks–russ

    1. There are different methods as how fees are calculated, and many of those may be mandated by the studio the tattooist is at. Many tattooist work either at an hourly rate, or will price a tattoo by the piece. From my experience, most tattooists will appreciate if you tell them you have a budget you are trying to work within, and will usually work with you to stay in that budget.

      I don’t know about locations outside of my own area, but bartering is usually frowned upon from our point of view. Tattooists will be tell you what the piece is worth. One doesn’t typically barter with an artist at an art gallery. The same should be said for a tattooist’s work.

      I hope this helps!

  2. fascinated by his clipped/cropped body hair? looks like he even trims his armpit hair – too bad, he has potential!

      1. well, like i said, he has potential – but i’m afeared of looking in his pants, god knows what sort of crop job might’ve happened there!

  3. I would love to see the photo in color and see what the artist did. i cannot imagine that it is all black and white. Looks like some great shading.

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